Blossom Wood by Catherine Coe

Colour-in unicorn

Colour in a unicorn

What colour mane and tail will your unicorn have? As well as colouring it in, use glitter for unicorn magic sparkles!


Make your own unicorn horn

You can be a unicorn too! Print and cut out the horn shape, then decorate it. Glue the edges and thread elastic at either side – your unicorn horn is ready to wear!


Make your own owl mask

You can be an owl too! First choose from three different designs – Katie, Eva and Alex. Print the mask, colour it in and add stickers and glitter. Then thread elastic through the holes to wear it!

Katie mask Eva mask Alex mask

The Blossom Wood maze

Can you find your way through Blossom Wood? Download and print this maze to find out!

Word search

Word search

Have a hoot by playing this Owls of Blossom Wood word search!